Finding the most suitable Re-mortgage Deals

If you are in the position to re-mortgage your property, then you will want to find the most suitable option for your situation. This does not necessarily come down to the cheapest repayments or shortest term, but a range of factors based on your situation.

Industry jargon and varying rates can become confusing, so we cut through this for you to provide you with the facts to determine exactly which re-mortgaging option will provide you with the most suitable return. We deal with every lender, ensuring you receive the most suitable possible deal, across a wide selection of mortgages and re-mortgages for both private and commercial clients.

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Re-mortgaging Factors

Lender’s Valuation
A Lender’s valuation is an important factor in re-mortgaging your property. However they may often make their valuation simply from viewing the outside of the property. Using information such as evidence of sale prices of similar local properties and details of expensive home improvements can be important in getting a better valuation of your property.
Strict Applications
Due in part to recent lender responsibility and consumer protection rulings by the financial regulator, the re-mortgaging application process has become a lot tighter. As such the process can take a lot longer with more detailed reviews and more comprehensive information required.
Avoid Hidden Costs
When re-mortgaging you will have to make sure that there are no hidden costs. Some Lender’s offer fee-free deals but others can charge legal fees and administrative and valuation costs. While sometimes the benefits of switching can outweigh the costs, it is vital to correctly calculate the figures beforehand.